Bill's Bike Barn     

Pictures of Billville

Inside the Museum you'll be amazed at what Bill has collected1 “Visit Bill's Old Bike Barn. An experience you'll never forget2 Vintage motorcycles galore inside Bill's Old Bike Barn3 Don't forget to visit Billville while inside the museum4 It's an experience the WHOLE family will enjoy!5
Welcome to Bill's Old Bike Barn

In 1998 Bill's Old Bike Barn was born. Nestled in a wooded grove behind his shop of 47 plus years Bill Morris started to fulfill his life long dream. Twenty years later we have more than 100 amazing vintage motorcycles and 55,000 square feet dripping with some of the most extraordinary antiques from all around the world.

The 1939 German Kattenkrad, 1913 Harley Silent Grey Fellow, 1914 Triumph have taken their place along with vintage European carousel horses and pristine Moto Guzzi's and the incomparable 1909 Peugot.

Bill collects the 1939 New York Worlds Fair memorabilia which is housed along Main St in Billville our little village constructed inside the building, complete with mock mansion, smoke shop, music store and our 1939 New York Worlds Fair Bar. From military displays, vintage riding clothing, thousands upon thousands of posters and memorabilia, from John Wayne to John Deere and everything in between. There is something for any enthusiast at Bill's Old Bike Barn.