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Vintage Harley

Nestled in a wooded grove,  just above his shop, his dream has materialized. At a glance, the green metal pole barn appears to be a storage building that folks construct to house equipment for the long harsh winter. Stepping over the threshold you are in yesteryear. First thoughts are, "Not in your wildest dreams!" Your in an old barn circa 1800, that was purchased in a nearby town. Dismantled piece by piece, (painstakingly I might add) transported and reconstructed inside the building. Some of the beams are 40 to 50 feet long including the ladders.

The sixteen foot ceiling is now home to the thousands of posters and signs Bill was forced to remove from his shop when Harley and he went toe to toe. His 1947 Harley Davidson, Allentown, PA neon sign towers sixteen feet above the 1961 Moto Guzzi one and a half ton dump truck which was totally restored. It's known to be the only one in the U.S.A..

Bill's collection also includes a 1941 Police UL ,49' Hydra Glide, 37' Indian Chief and a 37' Knucklehead, circle the truck and glisten under the light of a seven foot Indian sign.

Bill's Old Bike Barn is an experience for everyone both young and old with an overwhelming display of the most pristine collections of motorcycles and memorabilia . Any true motorcycle enthusiast is sure to be speechless as they gaze upon all there is to see. Each time you visit your sure to find another item you missed on your previous visits, weather it be the Zundapps or Toppers or how about the 1956 German NSU .Then there's the military display complete with foxhole, a '45 NOS Military Bike a 30 caliber machine gun, palm trees finished off with spanish moss, no detail was left out, right down to the 1940 Military parachute that covers the display!

So take the time now to plan your trip to Bills Old Bike Barn

You won't be disappointed!