Bill's Bike Barn    

The Magee Mansion Staircase

The Magee mansion was home to Bloomsburg legacy Harry L. Magee. Harry Magee owned the carpet mill, the hotel, the radio station (WHLM) and other properties in the Bloomsburg, Pa. area. The mansion was built in 1947 and was later owned by Bloomsburg University. Sadly the Magee mansion has since been demolished. As upsetting as it was to see the mansion go, Bill's Old Bike Barn is able to keep part of the mansion alive. Bill acquired the beautiful staircase that was once inside the mansion. The staircase now has a permanent home right in the museum. Come check out this awesome part of local history!!

Harry Denune was the owner of the largest wholesale motorcycle parts distributor in the whole United States, Dixie Distributing & Dixie International. He was a friend to Bill and they always enjoyed each other's company, whenever they had the chance. Harry's wife, Audrey, was nice enough to let Bill bring these magnificent lions, which belonged to Harry, back from Florida so we can display them here at the museum for everyone to see. Harry passed away April 16, 2013 but he will always be in our hearts.

The Graceland of Billville

The Carousel

Check out the latest project we finished here at Bill's Old Bike Barn. This is a carousel full of clowns and antique carousel rides that came out of Europe.

Billville Police Station
Here is the newest addition since the Billville Harley shop. Located in the middle of the streets of Billville is the Police Station. Parked out front of the Police Station is a mid 1980's Honda-Police Model Servicar. This is a very rare police bike. We have not seen many of these but in the Dirty Harry movies. Downstairs of the Police Station is an assortment of really cool police patches. Upstairs of the Police Station where you will find the prisoner bunk beds and uniforms.

Billville Beer Store
It's finally here! The Beer Store is finished!  This is definitely a must see so come check us out! The store walls are made up of about 5 thousand assorted beer cans. The walls are about 11 feet high.

Billville Navy Yard Boats

These came from The Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, PA.

The Telephone Room

The Moto Guzzi Mechanical Mule

This is a 1964 Moto Guzzi 3X3 made for taking supplies through the Alpine Mountains for the Italian Army. It has a 750 V Moto Guzzi engine.

J.R Schuyler & Co. Rat Traps

The rat traps! We acquired this wonderful collection donated by the Radice family. Est. in 1889, J.R Schuyler & Co. was a rat trap business out of Bloomsburg, Pa. They were in business until 1972.